New T.V Weather Show

Sun & Cloud

Y.A & G.F members are being offered the chance to feature in a new T.V series about the weather.
I’ll let Director Nick Angel tell you more about it.

Hello I’m Nick Angel
I work for a TV production company called Liberty Bell, where we’re developing a new series about Britain’s relationship with the weather.

We’re on the hunt for a cross-section of people whose lives are dependent on or strongly affected by our frequently maddening and wholly unreliable climate … and of course allotments were one of the first things to spring to mind!

I’d love to talk to any of Y.A.& G.F members who might be interested in appearing in a pilot we’ll be filming over  the next two to three weeks.

In particular, I’d like to hear from anyone who works on their allotment as a “double act” – a husband and wife, father and son, or mother and daughter combo. Or even best friends.

The idea is that every week we will feature a number of people across the country as they reflect on what the weather has been up to and how it is affecting their lives. We’re not after dramatic, life-changing stories or extreme weather events – rather, we’re interested in the minor frustrations and small triumphs of allotment life.

I’d be happy to answer any questions Y.A.& G.F members have about the series, which is being made by Liberty Bell.
Contact me at or call 020 7598 7257 I’ll call straight back.