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NAS Yorkshire Branch Meeting 15/02/2020 Agenda

AGENDA   1. Chairman opens the meeting at 10.30am 2. Apologies. 3. Minutes of the previous meeting. 4. Matters arising from the above minute. 5. Secretaries report 6. Treasurers report. 7. Feedback from Head Office – Regional Representative 8. Website

Y.A.G.F 2018 Meeting Schedule

The next quarterly meetings of the Yorkshire Federation of Allotment and Leisure Gardens for 2018 have been confirmed and scheduled as follows: Saturday 10th February Saturday 12th May Saturday 11th August The venue will be, as usual, held at the

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Ulluco bio security advice from defra

A South American tuber known as ULLUCO and similar to a potato is now subject to advice from DEFRA. This tuber is known to carry a harmful viral disease and DEFRA are advising that it is not imported or grown

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Thanks to Leeds Allotmenteer

Thanks were given as Tom Maynard was presented with an engraved gift set in recognition of his long and dedicated voluntary service to the Leeds & District Allotment Gardeners Federation, as he stepped down from his role as President after

Recognition of Support

Yorkshire Allotment Gardeners Federation (nasyorkshire) awarded Allan Rees a trophy in recognition of his long standing and unwavering support to the Yorkshire Federation during his long term of office as the National Allotment Society (NAS) chairman. Allan had attended most