About Us

wheel-barrowThe N.A.S Yorkshire, represent some 200 member associations, with a total membership of over 9,000.
We also represent over 70 Individual Members, 21 Local Authorities and 2 schools.

All the above are members of the National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Ltd. to which we are affiliated and as such are automatically members of the N.A.S Yorkshire if complying with the Federations rules.

The Federation meets quarterly at various locations around the region and any association is welcome to send delegates to our meetings.

We meet to discuss problems that arise in the Yorkshire Region, to disseminate information, report on the National Society and generally try to help each other.

The Regional Officers are also available to attend local associations, sites or meetings to assist with such items as setting up a site committee or the possibility of becoming self-managed.

The Federation holds its Annual General Meeting in October/November, we try to move the meeting around the Region to make it available to as many members as possible.